Empowerment Coaching

Discover and live your life on your terms!

Burnout? Unmotivated?

Taking on too much without support? 

Take back the wheel of life and live a fulfilling life without regret. Bring back your internal fire and discovery your new journey. 

I help professional women and men restore their inner empowerment muscle, breakthrough mind loops and navigate your new journey. 


I do this by having you go through these steps:

  • Explore your present life landscape.  

  • Research and implement the new path.

  • Navigate the terrain of your new path.


We are so good at knowing what everyone else likes or what everyone else should do or shouldn't do, but we forget about ourselves. Get in touch with what you like, not what someone else likes in an effort to not make waves.


Do you believe in the overused phrase work/life balance? 

Often people think it has to be 50/50. What do you think?

Tired of trying to do it all for others?

Pushing through a day of "I have to's"?

Forgetting yourself and making everyone else a priority?

You want to have a sense of control, a clear idea of where you are going and see the fruition of your success?


This dichotomy shows up in many parts of our lives and I believe like any other relationship we must honor the relationship with ourselves first in order to be effective with our outward relationships.


After years of managing, training and developing leaders along with encouraging and helping them to find work/personal life balance, I was struck by the enormous problem we have with burnout. 


  • Caretaking for an elderly parent and trying to take care of your own family?

  • Finishing one big project after another at work without a chance to rest?

  • Out of shape and can’t find time to go to the gym?

  • Eating crappy food because you are too tired to cook or plan meals?

  • Your "to do" list in always growing, not lessening.

  • Not connecting with family and friends because you're in the rabbit hole of Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin.

  • Tired of balancing all of life's responsibilities?


If you are tired of always taking care of others but not yourself, I am here to tell you that you can do both.


From numbing to nurturing oneself. Forgiving and letting go of the past to forge forward. From being paralyzed to accepting and loving for yourself enough to choose you and honor others.


Turn your gut-wrenching feelings of responsibility and your everyday pressures at work and life into butterflies in your stomach when you are empowered to make choices for yourself. 


Did you ever:

  • Build an amazing career and now you realize it no longer fills you up?

  • Used to love being a workaholic, but that life is no longer sustainable?

  • Feel that your personal and professional lives are colliding and you are torn where you fit in?

  • Crave for the weekend but you mourn the upcoming week?

  • Come home at night and plop on the sofa with takeout, watch TV all night until you fall asleep and do all over again the next day?

  • Say to yourself the never ending phrase "I will start my diet on Monday"?

  • Lose interest in outside activities and hobbies? 

Embrace Your Life

I am a certified coach who helps professionals who are having trouble blending their personal and professional lives. My clients want to learn how to navigate and create fulfillment in all parts of their lives. Learn the tools needed for prevention and recovery from burnout. I am sincerely concerned today for the working women and men who are doing it all for their family or have given it all to their careers and then left with the feeling of being burnt out. 


Just Imagine:

  • You can create time for yourself and learn to nurture yourself and others.

  • You can forgive yourself for the past and live in the present.

  • You can tackle the do list with acceptance of not being perfect.

  • You desire to connect with family or friends without guilt.

  • You can enjoy the things that you love.


By realizing that the power of choice will set you free.


One on one coaching will allow you to transform from unmotivated, overworked and uninspired to passionate and living your life on your terms. You know yourself the best and I am here to help you get to the other side where you are living in your truth and your life purpose.  


Believing in yourself and what you can accomplish will move you forward. Learn how to celebrate and be proud of yourself. Reconnect with your values and let those be the guide for your journey.

I created this offer because I have seen and worked with leaders who have suffered from burnout. Business leaders have shared with me the incredible demands and expectations that companies require. The competition between millennials and baby boomers is a real thing. I believe we can create a simpatico approach in our new journey towards having a fulfilled life.


I have real life experience with burnout because I was there - it felt like a rabbit hole I couldn't get out of and I had no choice but to suck it up! I have seen professionals change their lives from feeling powerless to being powerful with better decisions that brought joy and exhilaration again.


I bring my past experience as a corporate manager, HR professional (certified SHRM-CP) and Co-Active Coach, (certified CPPC from The Coaches Institute). I created this program to compassionately help those of you that are tired of living like this and desire a change that is attainable and realistic. 


My one on one programs are tailored for each client because your life is unique and is essential for your success.  Ask yourself, is now the crucial time to take steps towards having an empowered and fulfilling life? 

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